Most of us think of holidays as one of those few days our employer actually pays us to stay home. We all know the big ones: New Year's, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. And yes, some employers are a little more generous but most likely you'll have no more than 7 days a year that you consider a holiday. Depending on your religious beliefs you may add a few more to that annual list, and find that you're up to a dozen or so.
For a day to be considered a "National Holiday" it needs to be declared so by Congress. And then of course we have the "commercial holidays" that we all love, which in effect are simply days that have become popular over the years. We all love them, but for some of us that just isn't enough. Organizations, corporation, and even loosely connected groups of people can "declare" a day for any reason they choose. Some of these days catch on and become popular with the general population, some remain only recognized by their creator, and some fizzle out and become a mere memory after only a year or two.
The point is - Every day, somewhere someone is celebrating something.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2, 2014 is National Buffet Day

     YUM!!!  Don't you just love holiday's that allow you to eat more then you should?  A buffet is defined as a meal consisting of several dishes from which guests can serve themselves.  We are all familiar with the traditional wedding buffet I'm sure.  But a buffet can be so much more.  Everything from breakfast to dessert can be served buffet style and the range of themes that can be applied to the buffet is endless.  The new trend I've seen is to call the buffet a "bar" as in the Breakfast Bar that many hotels make available to guests, or my new favorite the Potato Bar that has gained popularity at weddings.  Here the star is the potato and guest can add an array of yummy toppings.  I suppose the limited main dish in this case is why they don't call it a buffet, or maybe they just think that a buffet is a bit old fashion and a bar is more fun.  Either way I can certainly appreciate any meal where I get to pick and choose what I like the most.
     There are many restaurants that have found buffet service works well for them.  In my area we have several Chinese restaurants that serve all you can eat buffet style for lunch and dinner.  Depending on where you live you may also find a CiCi's, Ponderosa Steak House, of Golden Corral, just to name a few of the restaurant chains that are dedicated to family friendly buffet style.

Celebration suggestions for today:  Take the kids to a buffet restaurant and have some family fun time.  Or just create your own little buffet at home.  One of my favorite meals is an assortment of  appetizer foods for dinner.

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